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Press Release: AVMF, VPRF Announce 2023 Grant Recipients

Updated: Mar 1

Along with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), we are pleased to announce the three recipients of our 2023 veterinary pharmacology and pharmacokinetic research grants.

These grants aim to support research projects focused on enhancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in animals.

2023 Grant Recipients:

  • Dr. Stephen J. Divers, a professor of zoological medicine at the University of Georgia, is the grant recipient for his research project on safe sedation in birds

  • Danielle Mzyk, PhD, DVM, a clinical veterinarian with the ruminant health group at NC State University, was selected to receive a grant to further her research project on treatment options for relieving pain in sheep

  • Melanie Peel, DVM, Zoological Medicine Resident III at UC Davis/San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, whose study will assess the sedative effects and evaluate the pharmacokinetics (blood levels and metabolism) of gabapentin in cheetahs

The AVMF and VPRF congratulate Stephen J. Divers, Danielle Mzyk, and Melanie Peel on their exceptional research proposals and wish them success in their respective projects.

These grants represent the commitment of both organizations to advance veterinary pharmacology and promote the welfare of animals through groundbreaking research.

Read the full press release here: AVMF & VPRF celebrate the power of research

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