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Learn more about our next available Veterinary Pharmacology
and Pharmacokinetic Research Grants - open as of July 2024.

The Veterinary Pharmacology Research Foundation (VPRF) and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) are partnering again in 2024 to fund research grants with a focus on veterinary pharmacology.


This funding will support research into new or currently approved medications for combating diseases and conditions of companion and food animals as well as projects that ensure the safety of food products from treated livestock. These areas have historically been underfunded by traditional granting agencies.

Two research grants are available in 2024:

  • A veterinary pharmacology grant for up to $30,000

  • A veterinary pharmacokinetic grant for up to $15,000​

Veterinary Pharmacology Grant: 
Proposals should address one or more of the following aspects of veterinary medicine:

  • Studies focused on evaluating the safety and effectiveness of novel or existing drug therapies for veterinary species

  • Developing and validating models of animal diseases or conditions to evaluate drug effectiveness

  • Ensuring that a safe food supply is not compromised by drug treatment

  • Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) studies to understand the relationship between drug exposure and drug effect or safety

  • Studies to evaluate mitigation of antimicrobial resistance in veterinary species

Veterinary Pharmacokinetic Grant:

Proposals should address the following aspect of veterinary medicine:

  • Studies focused on descriptive pharmacokinetic (PK) studies in veterinary species that will help define dosing regimens or enable future drug effectiveness evaluations or clinical trials.


Call for proposals open: July 15, 2024

Application deadline: September 15, 2024

Recipient notification: January 15, 2025

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