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Dr. Anthony Lucas earned his DVM (hons) at Murdoch University, Australia in 1993; his Master of Veterinary studies from The University of Melbourne in 1999; and his PhD from the University of South Australia in 2003. While earning his advanced degrees, he worked in veterinary practice in his home country of Australia.


Anthony moved to the United States in 2003 in order to pursue a career in animal health research and development. He joined Elanco Animal Health in 2004 in companion animal pharmacology research and then subsequently grew into leadership roles within R&D. During this time at Elanco while he worked with Dr. Jane Owens, he became involved in the American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (AAVPT) in 2005. Since then, Anthony has held many AAVPT leadership positions, including Executive Councilor, Secretary, Treasurer, President, Past-President, and chair of several committees. In 2007, Anthony was a co-founding board member of VPRF, created to serve as AAVPT’s research foundation, along with Jane and Dr. Dan Gingerich. After 6 years at Elanco, in 2010 Anthony joined Putney, a startup generic animal health company, where he built the R&D team which delivered 15 ANADA approvals. While at Putney, in 2013, Anthony was elected as VPRF Secretary, a role he continues to fill. Upon Dechra’s acquisition of Putney in 2016, Anthony was promoted to Group Director of Product Development at Dechra, where he leads a team of around 100 across three continents who are responsible for delivering the project pipeline.


As VPRF co-founder and Secretary, Anthony finds his continued service to VPRF meaningful in supporting the more basic research for the next generation of products and researchers, advancing veterinary pharmacology research and making a difference in the lives of animals as a result.


Anthony lives in beautiful Maine and outside of work enjoys time with his family, woodwork, beekeeping, and tending to his aquarium filled with unique

marine animals.

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